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The following video shows Tune It Yourself in action, taking you through the entire tuning process; from setting up the Wi-Fi connection, entering data, automatic data collection, before moving on to track analysis, then ride height, suspension, and brake tuning. If you wish to watch to the end. there's also a final Rivals challenge where it takes just five laps to finish 18th out of 100,000 using the tune created, proving just how powerful Tune It Yourself really is!
Due to new game release updates, there may be some differences between the current version and the version you see in the video.

"I honestly can barely believe just how well this app works. Ridiculously easy to use and set up, and you can really feel your cars getting better and better with each set of adjustments. Had an MX-5 which initially handled like a pig but now it just glides along the track."

A Google User

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